Follow these simple steps to Register for a camp site at EAA's Camp Scholler
Buy your camp site at EAA Camp Scholler
STEP 1: Have your EAA member# and a credit card in hand
STEP 2: Go to the Buy camping Now  
STEP 3: Purchase Camping starting the Thursday before!
STEP 3: E-mail your E-ticket to
All Camp Scholler guests must purchase their own camping credentials for camp sites. We cannot purchase on your behalf for security reasons.

The policy state "No camping unit is allowed to be delivered and parked on a camp site without the camper having your credentials attached and displayed on the unit. The camp site will have to be paid for from the date of camper delivery (The Thursday prior to the even) through the end of the event.

Event Traffic makes it logistically challenging to deliver large camping units in a just-in-time fashion. Long lines and heavy event traffic has proven to throw off deliver schedules. Therefore, we do all of our deliveries prior to spike in event traffic to keep cost down for you and to assure that your camper will be in place when you arrive

We appreciate your understanding that we have many campers to deliver, limited numbers of trucks and employees to complete these deliveries.  

We stive to adhere to all Airventure Event policies and procedures. We have to remember that our friends at EAA have to assure the safety and comfort of all Airventure guests.